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Kids and Aventure!

The hardest thing about going on adventures with children is getting out the door.  Adventure requires the right clothing, snacks and gear. Dressing children appropriately, especially in the winter,
could break the patience of the Dali Lama. I know from experience that given the responsibility to do it herself my daughter would wear a tank top in a snow storm. Snack packing is another obstacle in the way, "but I don't like strawberrys."  Gear is just expensive. It takes a small fortune to outfit a family of four for anything other then hiking. Packing for a multi-day camping trip, if your as disorganized as me, takes a full day of organizing and locating gear that your pretty sure you still have. The thing is sometimes you forget that it is well worth it. It is! These are the happiest moments for my family and I. When we are out in the wild the things that seem to drive my children to arguments or on the rare occasion blows are taken out of the mix. They are no longer fi…